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Our software is not available in stores: Since 1997, we have been developing great utilities unlike anything sold in retail stores. All our software is sold try-before-you-buy, so you can download and use it for free, and if you like them, just return here to buy the full versions.

About Castillo Bueno Systems

Castillo Bueno Systems was started in 1997 by Carlos D. Castillo and Julio C. Castillo. Our vision is to build a better, more productive computing environment for everybody.

We pride ourselves with publishing high quality software products and providing high quality tech support.

Castillo Bueno Systems' success is based on providing great products at a very reasonable price (many times less than half of what our competition charges).

We have specialized in developing, publishing and licensing high performance Windows software. Our goal is to provide software products that are well thought-out, heavily tested and reasonably priced. More than 90 percent of our sales are direct and through the Internet, which allows us to offer incredible prices because we sell directly to the customer.


Our software has received many awards and great reviews from many sites. Here are the most recent awards:


CCZip and CCUnits have both received 5 stars from ZDNet's HotFiles.com


CCUnits received 5 cows from Tucows


CCViewer received 5 smileys from RocketDownload


CCZip received a 5 star review from DownloadSoft-ware


CCViewer has received very favorable comments from the users of CNet's Download.com


In this section you can download fully functional evaluation versions of our software.


CCZip 5 (1259 KB)

CCZip 3.2 ( 1167 KB, Spanish Version)

CCZip is a fast, efficient compression utility developed for use in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. CCZip flawlessly handles ZIP files. It includes an internal text editor and an internal image viewer.

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CCViewer 5.1 (1931 KB)

CCViewer is a fast, efficient image viewer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. This simple, elegant application includes a fast, real time thumbnail viewer and image catalog printer as well as a slide show utility.

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ImageContext 2 (650 KB)

ImageContext is a fast, efficient image viewing utility for use in Windows 95/98/NT. ImageContext flawlessly positions itself in the Windows context menus and lets you view images on right click.

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Castillo TextEditor 4 (981 KB)

Castillo TextEditor is the best way to edit text files in Windows 95/98/NT4.  Castillo TextEditor has many advanced features such as: multi-file find and project management. It also has all of the usual features found in advanced text editors.

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CCMPlayer 1.5 (679 KB)

CCMPlayer is a compact, efficient MP3 player for Windows 98/ME/95/NT/2000.

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CCUnits 3.5 (714 KB)

CCUnits is a program for Windows to convert units of measure common in engineering and science. Also, several physical constants can be consulted. It includes 56 magnitudes (or categories) and in each the most frequently used units.

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WinDay 2.1 (580 KB)

Winday is a fast, small calendar program developed for use in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. In a single screen, this program gives the current  (system) date and time, and some information of interest for that day, such as that encountered in an almanac. The information given (besides time and date) includes: anniversaries, moon phase, sunrise and sunset; if applicable for that day, religious observances and astronomical events.

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Phraser SCR (500 KB)

This neat screen saver shows thoughts and sayings from around the world in your screen. Very relaxing. Installation: Unzip the files in this ZIP file to your C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows directory. Now right click on your desktop, click on properties, click on the screen saver tab and select Phraser SCR. Download Now!




Resource Meter (200 KB)

A compact, efficient and useful utility that allows you track the resources of you computer. It folds into the system tray when its minimized, so it won't interfere with you.




I purchased your program, but while downloading the full version I experienced network congestion and aborted the download, where can I download the full version from?

> Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and they'll send you the secure URL to download the product.

Do you provide a ZIP utility for Mac or Linux?

>No, we don't.

Do you provide discounts for educational and non-profit organizations?

>Yes, we do. Please contact [email protected]

I purchased your product, but after installing it, the evaluation period dialog still appears. What do I do?

>Un-install the evaluation version, and after that install the full version.

How can I associate a JPG file with CCViewer?

  • Open the Windows Explorer and click on any JPG file, press <Shift> and right click on the JPG.
  • Click on "Open With..."
  • Check the "Always use this program when opening this type of file".
  • Click on "Browse..." and find and select CCViewer.exe.
  • Click on OK and click on OK again.

What Is a self-extracting EXE (SFX)?

>>CCZip Self-Extractor is a utility program that creates native Windows and DOS self-extracting ZIP files. These self-extracting Zip files are ideal for electronic file distribution because they:

  • Can contain multiple compressed files, ensuring that important files do not become separated from the rest of the package
  • Allow the receiver to use a familiar Windows interface to decompress files, without knowing how to use a separate unzip utility.



Feel free to contact us if you are experiencing any problems.